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Quantum computing: The next big thing in healthcare?

blog post image IEEE newsletter on Quantum computing "quantum computers will give us a new understanding of the functioning of the human body based on their ability to process large amounts of data in a short time and identify new information and connections. At the same time, by obtaining and making more and more...

Factors affecting the uptake of new medicines: a systematic literature review - BMC Health Services Research Lublóy, Ágnes.

blog post image "This systematic literature review has provided insights into the factors that affect new drug uptake—primarily, doctors’ scientific orientation, prescribing habits, exposure to pharmaceutical marketing, and interpersonal communication." "Background The successful diffusion of new drugs is crucial...

Psychology of panic buying

blog post image I've been fascinated by the psychology of panic buying and it is clearly an area for future research. It has an enormous impact on delivery infrastructure and I wonder if anyone has been tracking the data of the causes and the impact in the current fuel 'crisis'. A systematic review from last year identified...

Rediscovering Cryptpad

blog post image Cryptpad is for working collaboratively on documents such as Rich Text, Spread Sheets, Presentations, Whiteboards, and Project Boards. The server has no access to any of your data and the encryption is based on zero knowledge. You don't even need to give an email address to register - you pick a username...

This is the real story of the Afghan biometric databases abandoned to the Taliban – MIT Technology Review

blog post image

How Data Science Pinpointed the Creepiest Word in ‘œMacbeth’

blog post image It’s not the word you’d expect - and it appears in this very sentence

Can Money Buy Happiness? A Review of New Data

blog post image Everyone knows the adage “money can’t buy happiness,” although few of us seem to believe it. The best-known theory on this topic is that money actually can buy happiness, but only up to a point. This comes from a study by two Nobel Laureates, Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton (2010), which found...

Facebook faces prospect of 'devastating' data transfer ban after Irish ruling

blog post image Ireland's data regulator can resume a probe that may trigger a ban on Facebook's transatlantic data transfers, the High Court ruled on Friday, raising the prospect of a stoppage that the company warns would have a devastating impact on its business.

It just got a little easier to move your Facebook posts to some other platform

blog post image Social networks have typically followed the roach motel model of customer data: Make it easy to push data in, but hard/impossible to pull it back out. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter all make money by knowing what information you've (wittingly or unwittingly) handed over â…

Databunker secure storage

blog post image Really like this approach putting privacy tools all in one place. Warrants some experimentation. "Databunker gives strong, serious, real personal-data protection for customer records without expensive custom coding and with full customer visibility."

To them that hath: economic complexity and local industrial strategy in the UK Penny Mealy. Diane Coyle. International Tax

blog post image Divergent economic performance in many countries has led to renewed interest in place-based policies, such as the UK’s local industrial strategies at the level of Combined Authorities or Local Economic Partnerships. However, an analysis of employment data using methods from the economic complexity...

Keeping Student Trust

blog post image The report outlines a set of recommendations for institutions and campus administrators related to different uses of student data.

Why 2021 Is Graph Data Science's Year for the Enterprise -

blog post image Graph data science is becoming increasingly important to business delivering deep insights into data and driving new business cases.

Can ultrasound novices develop image acquisition skills after reviewing online ultrasound modules? Elaine Situ-LaCasse.

blog post image Background Point-of-care ultrasound is becoming a ubiquitous diagnostic tool, and there has been increasing interest to teach novice practitioners. One of the challenges is the scarcity of qualified instructors, and with COVID-19, another challenge is the difficulty with social distancing between learners...

Why European vaccine suspensions could have unintended consequences

blog post image Europe’s difficult rollout of covid-19 shots took another blow over the weekend, as several countries halted deployment of the AstraZeneca vaccine amid worries it could cause blood clots. On Monday Germany, Spain, Italy, and France were among those to suspend deployment of the vaccine, following similar...

Google must face $5B lawsuit over tracking private internet use, judge rules

blog post image Judge finds tech giant didn't notify users their data could still be collected in incognito mode.

Validation of Claims-Based Algorithms to Identify Patients with Psoriasis - PubMed Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety.

blog post image Claims-based algorithms based on a combination of PsO diagnosis codes and dispensing for PsO-specific treatments had a moderate-to-high PPV. These algorithms can serve as a useful tool to identify patients with PsO in future real-world data pharmacoepidemiologic studies. This article is protected by...

French startup lobby to file privacy complaint against Apple

blog post image France Digitale will file a complaint against iPhone maker Apple with data privacy watchdog CNIL on Tuesday over alleged breaches of European Union rules, France's leading startup lobby said in a statement.

How to poison the data that Big Tech uses to surveil you

blog post image Algorithms are meaningless without good data. The public can exploit that to demand change.

Data trusts: what are they and how do they work?

blog post image "The trade unions of the data economy." "How do we, the general public, gain greater control over the estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data that is recorded, stored, processed and analysed, every day?" This also links to the DataSkop project from AlgorithmWatch.