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The Ugandan designer who upcycles British cast-offs – and returns them to sender

blog post image Making a statement in more ways than one, a new fashion line is made from western cast-offs. Can it reboot Uganda’s textile industry?

IU announces 20 fellowships for Ukrainian scholars

blog post image Robert F. Byrnes Russian and East European Institute director Dr. Sarah Phillips said the fellowships will provide Ukrainian academics with stable employment and research opportunities.

Taste of the future? Vertical farming is finally growing up in the UK

blog post image Vertical farming promises to boost food security, reduce emissions and eliminate fertilisers – and the industry is growing fast in the UK

Surfers offer free wooden bellyboards to cut plastic pollution

blog post image Traditional bellyboards are available for free across the UK, thanks to a startup that is committed to tackling discarded polystyrene boards

AP exposes the Tuskegee Syphilis Study: The 50th Anniversary

blog post image WASHINGTON (AP) — EDITOR’S NOTE — On July 25, 1972, Jean Heller, a reporter on The Associated Press investigative team, then called the Special Assignment Team, broke news that rocked the nation. Based on documents leaked by Peter Buxtun, a whistleblower at the U.S.

Wildlife photography: Magic of Skomer's puffins captured

blog post image As puffin breeding season draws to a close, Drew Buckley shares his photos of the birds.

Youth Endowment Fund Toolkit for reducing youth violence

blog post image Good summary of evidence-based approaches to reducing violent youth crime. Follow the science not politicians. “An overview of existing research on approaches to preventing serious youth violence.”

Ancient comatulid named after President Zelensky -Ausichicrinites zelenskyyi

blog post image Ancient sea animal with 10 arms is named after Ukraine's president Zelensky. "Fossil comatulids, referred to as feather stars, are mostly known from highly disarticulated specimens. A single isolated element (centrodorsal) has been the basis for taxonomic description of a vast majority of fossil comatulids....

20mph cuts air and noise pollution to prevent blighted lives

blog post image We quite simply campaign for 20mph to become the default speed limit on residential and urban streets.

Trauma and ‘strong Black women’: Racism in NHS maternal care

blog post image Sandra Igwe on the trauma she and many other women of colour are left with after being disregarded during pregnancy

The man filling the City with working-class stars

blog post image A recruitment firm has launched an algorithm that weeds out privileged, mediocre people, and identifies talent from disadvantaged backgrounds

Video: Bison roam England again for the first time in thousands of years

blog post image European bison were released in Kent this morning to boost biodiversity and tackle the climate crisis. The timing is pertinent

Say cheers to beers, wines and spirits in paper bottles

blog post image This summer, a raft of drinks in plant-based bottles are hitting the market, boasting a tiny carbon footprint

France launches hunt for new EDF CEO, sets money aside for full nationalisation

blog post image EDF and the French government are seeking a new boss to overhaul the power utility and build more nuclear reactors, they said on Thursday, with billions in public money earmarked to help finance a full nationalisation of the debt-laden company.

Rogers network resuming after major outage hits millions of Canadians

blog post image Rogers Telecommunications said its network was beginning to recover late on Friday after a 19-hourservice outage at one of Canada's biggest telecom operators shut banking, transport and government access for millions, drawing outrage from customers and adding to criticism over its industry dominance.

British Science Festival: The fight against microplastics

blog post image The British Science Festival is coming up In September, and one of the topics being explored across different events is microplastic pollution and how to tackle it. We discuss the events and why taking action now matters.

Association of the “Weekend Warrior” and Other Leisure-time Physical Activity Patterns With All-Cause and Cause-Specific

blog post image This large prospective cohort study of US adults examines whether performing the recommended level of physical activity throughout the week or in fewer days, such as the weekend, influences all-cause, cardiovascular disease, or cancer mortality.

The First Commercial Sand-based Thermal Energy Storage in the World Is in Operation.

blog post image Polar Night Energy’s first commercial sand-based high temperature heat storage is now in operation at Vatajankoski power plant area. The heat storage, which has a hundred tons of sand inside, is producing low emission district heating to the city of Kankaanpää in Western Finland.

‘A seismic shift could be underway’: the mission to make steel green

blog post image If steel were a country, it would be the planet’s third largest emitter. But the race to decarbonise the sector is gaining momentum

Quantum microphone works even better than a regular one

blog post image By detecting tiny movements of particles of light, a quantum microphone has recorded human speech that is easier to understand than if it is captured by an equivalent classical version