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Artificial intelligence for healthcare and medical education: a systematic review

blog post image "After searching and reading a large amount of literature, we were surprised to find that most of the literature related to “AI+medical/medical education” was of low quality... This suggests us to conduct new research or improve the quality of research related to AI and medical/medical education....

A systematic review of insight and reflection in post graduate medical education

blog post image Great literature synthesis on reflection. "We present a novel description of a hierarchy from discrete episodes of reflection, to cyclic processes that involve reflection, through to a state in which the practitioner is reflective. There is no unified understanding of how an individual ascends this...

Randomised trial of general practitioner online education for prescribing and test ordering Andrew Bonney. Conrad Kobel.

blog post image Potentially inappropriate medicine prescriptions and low-value diagnostic testing pose risks to patient safety and increases in health system costs. The aim of the Clinical and Healthcare Improvement through My Health Record usage and Education in General Practice study was to evaluate a scalable online...

Embracing Authenticity: Why Non-Algorithmic Social Media Platforms Are More Social Than Instagram, Tumblr, or Threads

blog post image The fallacy shared both by social media services and educational services is one of trying to engineer the perfect mix of content for their clients. What we find, I think, in both education and online media is that authentic content - that is, content based in a person's actual life and relations with...

New protocluster of massive quiescent galaxies discovered

blog post image An international team of astronomers reports the discovery of a new protocluster of massive quiescent galaxies at a redshift of approximately 4.0. This is the first detection of a protocluster of this type at such a high redshift. The finding was detailed in a paper published Nov. 20 on the pre-print...

Jeff Sebo on digital minds, and how to avoid sleepwalking into a major moral catastrophe

blog post image "The general case for extending moral consideration to AI systems is that they might be conscious or sentient or agential or otherwise significant. And if they might have those features, then we should extend them at least some moral consideration in the spirit of caution and humility."

Search algorithm reveals nearly 200 new kinds of CRISPR systems Allessandra DiCorato | Broad Institute.

blog post image A new search algorithm has identified 188 kinds of new CRISPR systems in bacterial genomes. The systems have a range of functions and could enable gene editing, diagnostics, and more.

The legal framework for AI is being built in real time, and a ruling in the Sarah Silverman case should give publishers

blog post image That an AI model was trained on copyrighted material does not make all of the model's outputs a copyright violation.

“Meet the patient” session: a strategy to teach medical students about autonomic dysfunction after spinal cord injury

blog post image Dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system is an important long-term consequence of spinal cord injury (SCI). Yet, there is a scarcity of teaching resources about this topic for preclinical medical students. Given the association of SCI sequelae with emergency complications and mortality, it is imperative...

Identifying the optimal time period for detection of atrial fibrillation after ischaemic stroke and TIA, an updated systematic

blog post image There is an almost 4-fold increase in nAF detection with continuous cardiac monitoring, compared to usual care. The results also demonstrate two statistically significant time periods in nAF detection; at 0-14 days and 6-12 months following monitoring commencement. These data support the utilisation...

WHO statement on reported clusters of respiratory illness in children in northern China

blog post image WHO has made an official request to China for detailed information on an increase in respiratory illnesses and reported clusters of pneumonia in children.  At a press conference on 13 November 2023, Chinese authorities from the National Health Commission reported an increase in incidence of respiratory...

QR codes to become less convenient?

blog post image A sticker with a fraudulent QR code pasted over a legitimate one can lead the unwary to websites that can capture your personal data. Thornaby: Woman targeted in £13k train station QR code scam. Rail firm TransPennine Express has since removed QR codes from all of its station car parks. Is the root...

Tantalising sign of possible life on faraway world

blog post image Nasa's James Webb Telescope may have discovered a molecule thought only to be produced by life.

AI cuts treatment time for cancer radiotherapy

blog post image The technology will be offered at cost price to all NHS trusts in England, following successful pilot studies.

Microsoft: Chinese hackers hit key US bases on Guam

blog post image The malware hit facilities on Guam that would be critical to any US response to an invasion of Taiwan.

Large Language Models: Don't Believe the Hype

blog post image We've reached the Skynet moment for AI, it would seem. GPT-4, cast in the role of Terminator, has not only achieved consciousness, but it's coming for

AI information retrieval: A search engine researcher explains the promise and peril of letting ChatGPT and its cousins search

blog post image A new generation of artificial intelligence-based information access systems, which includes Microsoft’s Bing/ChatGPT, Google/Bard and Meta/LLaMA, is upending the traditional search engine mode of search input and output. These systems are able to take full sentences and even paragraphs as input and...

News: Basel to become Europe’s Silicon Valley of biotech

blog post image Silicon Valley is synonymous with technology and innovation. On the other side of the Northern Hemisphere, Basel in Switzerland draws parallels, edging the city closer to becoming Europe’s Silicon Valley of biotech.

The effectiveness of team-based learning in nursing education: A systematic review - PubMed Nurse education today.

blog post image Overall, TBL was found to be effective in achieving undergraduate nursing students' learning outcomes, but evidence was not sufficiently strong to warrant that it is more effective than other teaching methods. The results of this review are in favour of the implementation of TBL in nursing education...

Learning Outcomes of High-fidelity versus Table-Top Simulation in Undergraduate Emergency Medicine Education: Prospective,

blog post image The student's performance on quantitative medical-knowledge assessment was equivalent between the high-fidelity control and low-fidelity experimental simulation groups. Analysis of knowledge acquisition between the two groups also demonstrated statistical equivalence.