Differential Diagnosis

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About this blog

I'm interested in medicine, education, and technology. I share stories and papers that I find of interest, trying to keep abreast of developments to help in the work I do at BMJ. I like the reflective nature of blogging and I think more of us should do it. It is a very personal activity and something you should have full control over.

Why write your own blog software?

I wanted something that was really easy and quick to share links - including the text and a representative picture from the original post - and work on mobile.

I've used other web apps but wanted features that I couldn't find. So I wrote my own using a Bootstrap template, PHP, MySQL, and a lot of XML parsing. There are some regular expressions too - which takes me back to my medical student elective programming a sed script for a pharmacology database in Wales.

What does it do?

This blog software (yet-to-be-named) can take the URLs from multiple sources (twitter feeds, pasted text, etc.) of items I've read and thought were interesting enough to share and then create a blog entry automatically with each one it finds.

For academic papers it tries to find the authors and journal name if it can.

I can then go in at another time and edit the blog after the basic stuff has been done.

Can I have one?

Maybe ... but it has to be tested a bit more first ... and it needs a name. SOM stands for 'share-o-matic' but that sounds a little too Wallace & Gromit.