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I'm interested in medicine, education, and technology, and want to publish a stream of updates and articles. Sharing on a corporate server such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter means you can not easily move the content in the future, or find it and amend it. It may even disappear if their terms of service change (you don't have to be around very long to realise they do). I felt the need to 'own' my stream of links so wrote my own blogging and URL sharing software.

Why write your own blog software?

I wanted something that was really easy and quick to share links - including the text and a representative picture from the original post - and work on mobile. It had to take a URL and just do all the necessary stuff to make a brief blog post that I could then elaborate if I wanted.

I've used lots of other web apps but wanted features that I couldn't find. So I wrote my own.

What does it do?

This blog software (yet-to-be-named) can take the URLs (typically as pasted text) of items I've read and thought were interesting enough to share and then create a blog entry automatically with each one it finds.

For academic papers it tries to find the authors and journal name if it can. Open Graph and Dublic Core tags are really useful for identifying the key facts for this type of automation and avoid the need for screen-scraping.

I can then go in at another time and edit the blog after the basic stuff has been done.

Can I have one?

Maybe ... but it has to be tested a bit more first ... and it needs a name. SOM stands for 'share-o-matic' but that sounds a little too Wallace & Gromit.

Updated: 2017-07-29 11:02:34

Originally posted: 2015-10-01 10:13:56