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6 expert essays on the future of biotech

How will biotechnology transform our approach to human health? Scientists from the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council share key insights.

World Economic Forum future of biotech

  • DNA technology - genetic screening for disease, recombinant protein production, CAR T cells, gene therapy, organoid systems for drug development, CRISPR
  • Microbiome - diagnostics (detecting diseases via microbiome), therapeutics (studying the microbiome for new antibiotics)
  • Clinical data leading to 'precision medicine' - miniaturized technologies (e.g. handheld ultrasound, cardiac monitoring, lab on a chip), detecting biomarkers, combining data with AI
  • Lifestyle data - mobile technology, environmental sensors, sleep monitoring, movement monitoring, analytic feedback tools
  • Patients at the centre of innovation - diversity of representation in clinical trials, data privacy

Source: www.weforum.org