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The Impact of Mask Distribution and Promotion on Mask Uptake and COVID-19 in Bangladesh

blog post image A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that face masks can protect against COVID-19. There is, however, limited rigorous evidence on the extent to which mask-wearing is effective in reducing COVID-19 in a real-life situation with imperfect and inconsistent mask use. In Bangladesh, researchers...

New Delta strain believed to have emerged among 53,000 revellers at Boardmasters festival

blog post image Almost 5,000 infections have been linked to the Boardmasters festival in Cornwall, and with half a million music lovers at even larger events over the Bank Holiday, officials fear revellers are being hit by a new strain of the Delta variant

This is the real story of the Afghan biometric databases abandoned to the Taliban – MIT Technology Review

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Turkey's plastics ban: Where does the UK send its waste now?

blog post image Turkey is due to ban most plastic waste sent from the UK, so tonnes of packaging will need a new home.

How Beijing humbled Britain's mighty HSBC

blog post image The bank got in trouble over a high-stakes U.S.-China legal clash. In the past two years, Chinese state-owned firms have ended or cut back business with HSBC.

Facebook faces prospect of 'devastating' data transfer ban after Irish ruling

blog post image Ireland's data regulator can resume a probe that may trigger a ban on Facebook's transatlantic data transfers, the High Court ruled on Friday, raising the prospect of a stoppage that the company warns would have a devastating impact on its business.

Bank of England predicts rebound in the economy

blog post image "The Bank of England said Britain's economy would grow by the most since World War Two this year and slowed the pace of its trillion dollar bond-purchasing programme, but stressed it was not reversing its stimulus." Strong indications finally of a bounce back in the economy highlight the devastating...

APOD: 2021 April 18 - Rainbow Airglow over the Azores

blog post image "A spectacular sky is visible through this banded airglow, with the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy running up the image center, and M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, visible near the top left."

Using GPT-2 to generate Tweets

blog post image Last summer I blogged about using a Deep Neural Network to generate tweets but only used 3200 of my tweets. Since then I've used Twitter's archive mechanism to retrieve ALL my tweets (just over 30,000) to train a network. Not any old network - the GPT-2 model from OpenAI. This 'finetuning' of an existing...

Tiny Town, Big Decision: What Are We Willing to Pay to Fight the Rising Sea?

blog post image On the Outer Banks, homeowners in Avon are confronting a tax increase of almost 50 percent to protect their homes, the only road into town, and perhaps the community’s very existence.

Andy Weber on rendering bioweapons obsolete & ending the new nuclear arms race

blog post image "COVID-19 has provided a vivid reminder of the power of biological threats. But the threat doesn’t come from natural sources alone. Weaponized contagious diseases — which were abandoned by the United States, but developed in large numbers by the Soviet Union, right up until its collapse — have...

The bankers are bluffing, don’t scrap the bonus cap

blog post image There's no shortage of people wanting to be senior bankers. Luke Hildyard writes for Left Foot Forward

Why Are COVID-19 Case Numbers Dropping?

blog post image "We don’t know. That part is easy. Also easy is that case numbers really are falling — it’s not just reduced testing — and it’s happening pretty much everywhere. Urban areas and rural. Red states and blue. Places with broad vaccine rollouts and those with hardly any. North and South America,...

Dreadful user experience can be expensive.

blog post image "Citibank just got a $500 million lesson in the importance of UI design: Citibank was trying to make $7.8M in interest payments. It sent $900M instead." The screenshot is from court records where the judge ruled against Citibank who had wanted to get their money back. The lesson is to always include...

Australian news app beats Facebook in App Store

blog post image "Take that Facebook. A homegrown app from Australia Broadcasting Company (ABC) topped iOS download charts in Australia, outpacing Facebook. That's important for one big reason: Facebook just banned news from appearing on Australian newsfeeds in response to a law that would require the social giant...

Facebook and Australia's media bargaining law

blog post image In Australia, Facebook’s ban on sharing news stories has sent publishers’ traffic tumbling: Audience declines of 20 percent or more have followed Facebook taking its traffic ball and going home. "Even people outside Australia can no longer share stories [on Facebook] from Australian publishers big...

Twitter a goldmine for tracking consumer mood on prices, Bank of Italy finds.

blog post image The Bank of Italy said on Monday a set of experimental indicators it created from the content of millions of tweets accurately tracked consumer mood on price, offering scope for a powerful new monetary policy tool.

11 TOPS photonic convolutional accelerator for optical neural networks: Convolutional neural networks, inspired by biological

blog post image 11 TOPS photonic convolutional accelerator for optical neural networks: Convolutional neural networks, inspired by biological visual cortex systems, are a powerful category of artificial neural networks that can extract the hierarchical features of raw data to provide greatly reduced parametric complexity...

Victorian hologram keeps music in touch with lockdown audience

blog post image "Victorian hologram keeps music in touch with lockdown audience: Musicians are using an interactive hologram based on Victorian technology to reach fans in the locked down world of the coronavirus pandemic." The two musicians join a pianist who is live on stage. They are made to appear on stage because...

Current themes and challenges facing HPE accreditation in the 21st century

blog post image A supplement in BMC Medical Education on Health Professional Education accreditation from the community of practice The International Health Professions Accreditation Outcomes Consortium (IFPAOC) - which was founded in 2012. This supplement focuses on graduate and residency programmes but it also addresses...