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Internet user classification

Grampound it seems is classified as 'e-Rational Utilitarian' ... but who is shouting out for more local facilities and better internet infrastructure?

Checks notes ... methodological individualist and political liberals with social stratification (i.e. class, status distinctions) playing a relatively small role. (adapted from https://homepages.warwick.ac.uk/~sysdt/SII4.html) ... unfortunately affected by three problems - accepting second best, 'tragedy of the commons', and the 'prisoners dilemma

For 'e-rational utilitarian' it means ... "Comprising mainly rural and semi-rural areas at the city fringe, high demand for Internet services by members of this Group is constrained by poor infrastructure. Users undertake online shopping, particularly for groceries, perhaps because of the limited offer from 'bricks and mortar' retailers. Users tend to be late middle-aged or elderly, and as might be expected, include a high percentage of retired home owners. The preferred method of engagement with the Internet is personal computers located at home, with low levels of mobile access. In addition to shopping, users search for information or access online banking rather than engage with social networks or gaming: the Internet is used as a utility rather than a conduit for entertainment."

Does that mean we are happy with second best? Do we risk running out of bandwidth if we all go online at the same time?

Source: mapmaker.cdrc.ac.uk