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The Lyonesse Project: a study of the coastal and marine environment of the Isles of Scilly (OASIS ID cornwall2-58903)

blog post image This project was commissioned by English Heritage and carried out between 2009 and 2013 by Historic Environment Projects, Cornwall Council with a team of specialists from Aberystwyth, Cardiff, Exeter and Plymouth Universities, English Heritage's Scientific Dating Team, volunteers and local experts and...

The Bluestocking: The Ant Mill

blog post image The Ant Mill theory of Discourse. "An orphan take is an opinion expressed in backlash to a marginal, nebulous or anticipated opposing view. If you see angry tweets or opeds about the horror of a viewpoint you’ve never seen expressed in the wild, that’s an orphan take."

Keyboard army using restaurant reviews to take on Russian state media

blog post image Rather than commenting on the food and service at Russian restaurants and cafes, some users have begun posting online reviews detailing Russian actions in Ukraine to try to smuggle information past the tight control of state media.

Biopharma futures

blog post image I've been looking at a few industry reports on the future of biopharma as part of a course I'm on with INSEAD Business School on Business Strategy and Financial Performance. I thought I'd share some of my ramblings on Biopharma Futures. Expectations are high Pharmaceutical companies are operating...

6 expert essays on the future of biotech

blog post image How will biotechnology transform our approach to human health? Scientists from the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council share key insights. World Economic Forum future of biotech DNA technology - genetic screening for disease, recombinant protein production, CAR T cells, gene therapy, organoid...

Access to Medicines - inequalities persist but solutions must be found in partnership

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IT tools and gadgets

blog post image I really enjoy finding tools that just do the job and don't try to profit from you or your data. Here are some of the ones that I find useful. Send a large file or lots of files Transfer files up to 6GB in size. No registration required. No ads. Links expire. FileTransfer.io ... https://filetransfer.io/...

Factors affecting the uptake of new medicines: a systematic literature review - BMC Health Services Research Lublóy, Ágnes.

blog post image "This systematic literature review has provided insights into the factors that affect new drug uptake—primarily, doctors’ scientific orientation, prescribing habits, exposure to pharmaceutical marketing, and interpersonal communication." "Background The successful diffusion of new drugs is crucial...

Early warnings and emerging accountability: Total's responses to global warming, 1971-2021 Global Environmental Change.

blog post image Building upon recent work on other major fossil fuel companies, we report new archival research and primary source interviews describing how Total responded to evolving climate science and policy in the last 50 years. We show that Total personnel received warnings of the potential for catastrophic global...

Psychology of panic buying

blog post image I've been fascinated by the psychology of panic buying and it is clearly an area for future research. It has an enormous impact on delivery infrastructure and I wonder if anyone has been tracking the data of the causes and the impact in the current fuel 'crisis'. A systematic review from last year identified...

This is the real story of the Afghan biometric databases abandoned to the Taliban – MIT Technology Review

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Development and validation of teacher and student questionnaires measuring inhibitors of curriculum viability - BMC Medical

blog post image Background Curriculum viability is determined by the degree to which quality standards have or have not been met, and by the inhibitors that affect attainment of those standards. The literature reports many ways to evaluate whether a curriculum reaches its quality standards, but less attention is paid...

Stonehenge tunnel campaigners win court battle

blog post image A judicial review into road works near the world heritage site finds for the campaigners.

The pandemic slashed the West Coast’s emissions. Wildfires already reversed it.

blog post image Major fires and resulting emissions are set to continually increase across the world’s forested regions, fueling more warming and more fires to come.

Can Money Buy Happiness? A Review of New Data

blog post image Everyone knows the adage “money can’t buy happiness,” although few of us seem to believe it. The best-known theory on this topic is that money actually can buy happiness, but only up to a point. This comes from a study by two Nobel Laureates, Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton (2010), which found...

Tailored messaging increases understanding of climate change in Republicans

blog post image A team of researchers at Yale University's Yale Program on Climate Change Communication has found that the use of tailored advertising can increase awareness among Republicans of the dangers posed by climate change. In their paper published in the journal Nature Climate Change, the group describes field...

China’s GPT-3? BAAI Introduces Superscale Intelligence Model ‘Wu Dao 1.0’ | Synced

blog post image The Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) releases Wu Dao 1.0, China’s first large-scale pretraining model.

Covid-19 news: England sees rise in cases for first time in 5 weeks

blog post image The latest coronavirus news updated every day including coronavirus cases, the latest news, features and interviews from New Scientist and essential information about the covid-19 pandemic

US passes emergency waiver over fuel pipeline cyber-attack

blog post image The US acts to keep fuel flowing after its largest pipeline was hit by a ransomware cyber-attack. "Cyber-security firm Digital Shadows says the Colonial attack has come about due to the pandemic - with more engineers remotely accessing control systems for the pipeline from home. James Chappell, co-founder...

NASA has flown its Ingenuity drone helicopter on Mars for the first time

blog post image The historic moment was livestreamed on YouTube and Ingenuity captured the photo above with one of its two cameras.