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Biopharma futures

blog post image I've been looking at a few industry reports on the future of biopharma as part of a course I'm on with INSEAD Business School on Business Strategy and Financial Performance. I thought I'd share some of my ramblings on Biopharma Futures. Expectations are high Pharmaceutical companies are operating...

The 10 Trends Shaping the Future of Pharma - The Medical Futurist

blog post image The medical community gradually acknowledges digital health but doesn't embrace it entirely. Familiarize yourself with the future of pharma! Medical Futurist 10 trends shaping the future of pharma Patients on advisory boards - to better know the exact needs Digital health strategy 'around the pill'...

Biopharma 2020: A landmark year and a reset for the future

blog post image Biopharma in 2020 has shown what it can achieve when it works at its best. How can the industry build on this renewed sense of purpose in the years ahead? McKinsey biopharma 2020 3 Overarching trends Operating under a spotlight - expectation of innovationNavigating protracted economic uncertainty -...

The future of biopharma

blog post image Shifts in how diseases are diagnosed and prevented, custom treatments, curative therapies, digital therapeutics, and precision intervention could upend current business models in biopharma. Deloitte's Five forces to 2040 Prevention and early detection Customized treatments - interventions for very...

U.S. accuses couple of laundering $4.5 bln in bitcoin tied to 2016 hack

blog post image The U.S. Justice Department said on Tuesday it has unraveled its biggest-ever cryptocurrency theft, seizing a record-shattering $3.6 billion in bitcoin tied to the 2016 hack of digital currency exchange Bitfinex and arresting a husband-and-wife team on money laundering charges.

University of Northampton: The impact of COVID-19 on digital delivery - initial trend analysis

blog post image The speed and intensity of transitioning to mass online delivery of teaching has left in its wake a unique digital record, the patterns and trends of which reveal the story of the sector grappling to respond.

US passes emergency waiver over fuel pipeline cyber-attack

blog post image The US acts to keep fuel flowing after its largest pipeline was hit by a ransomware cyber-attack. "Cyber-security firm Digital Shadows says the Colonial attack has come about due to the pandemic - with more engineers remotely accessing control systems for the pipeline from home. James Chappell, co-founder...

No Evidence That Associations Between Adolescents' Digital Technology Engagement and Mental Health Problems Have Increased

blog post image Digital technology is ubiquitous in modern adolescence, and researchers are concerned that it has negative impacts on mental health that, furthermore, increase over time. To investigate whether technology is becoming more harmful, we examined changes in associations between technology engagement and...

Effectiveness of a serious game addressing guideline adherence: cohort study with 1.5-year follow-up Tobias Raupach. Insa

blog post image Background Patients presenting with acute shortness of breath and chest pain should be managed according to guideline recommendations. Serious games can be used to train clinical reasoning. However, only few studies have used outcomes beyond student satisfaction, and most of the published evidence is...

Europe Plans 20,000 GPU Supercomputer to Create 'Digital Twin' of Earth - ExtremeTech

blog post image The plan to create a digital twin of Earth might end up delayed due to the relative lack of available GPUs, but this isn't going to be an overnight project. 

Using GPT-2 to generate Tweets

blog post image Last summer I blogged about using a Deep Neural Network to generate tweets but only used 3200 of my tweets. Since then I've used Twitter's archive mechanism to retrieve ALL my tweets (just over 30,000) to train a network. Not any old network - the GPT-2 model from OpenAI. This 'finetuning' of an existing...

Moving fast and breaking us all: Big Tech’s unaccountable algorithms

blog post image Much of the technology driving revenues for the world’s most powerful digital platforms is accountable to no one—not even the companies themselves.

A.I. In Healthcare, 2021: 8 Exciting Insights From The E-Book - The Medical Futurist

blog post image We strongly believe that only digital health can bring healthcare into the 21st century and make patients the point-of-care.

Over 27,000 students share how colleges and universities could improve digital learning

blog post image "A Jisc survey of 27,069 higher and further education students reveals that most are pleased with their digital learning, but areas such as wellbeing, mental health and staff digital skills need more attention." Get the basics right (like college WiFi)Make learning sessions more interactive Record lessons...

French startup lobby to file privacy complaint against Apple

blog post image France Digitale will file a complaint against iPhone maker Apple with data privacy watchdog CNIL on Tuesday over alleged breaches of European Union rules, France's leading startup lobby said in a statement.

COVID-19 has transformed education – here are the 5 innovations we should keep

blog post image "Five changes made to higher education during COVID-19 will be beneficial afterwards, according to an expert, including more creative assessment methods." Whilst this is written from the perspective of university education this authentic, rich, and active learning approach can and should be applied to...

First it was Agile software development, now Agile management is remaking the workplace | ZDNet

blog post image "The most effective managers have used the past 12 months to support new remote-working practices with Agile leadership styles. This is what two digital leaders have learnt from the experience - and here's how you can benefit."

Google Brings Back Human Moderators for YouTube Content

blog post image Google Brings Back Human Moderators for YouTube Content | Digital Trends: More human moderators are going back to work to oversee YouTube content, taking over from automated systems that admittedly took down some videos erroneously. "YouTube revealed in late August that in the three months prior, 11.4...

This 3.2 gigapixel cauliflower is the largest photograph ever taken: To test the sensors in the largest digital camera ever

blog post image This 3.2 gigapixel cauliflower is the largest photograph ever taken: To test the sensors in the largest digital camera ever built, scientists at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory focused in on a Romanesco cauliflower, producing one of the biggest digital photographs ever taken

Will we still need the term "digital transformation"?

blog post image 3 ways digital businesses can enable the Great Reset: Updating business models for a digital-first world, led by purpose, is now an imperative for almost every company. "In the coming years, it is possible that no one will speak of “digital transformation” because the term will have become irrelevant:...