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Ancient comatulid named after President Zelensky -Ausichicrinites zelenskyyi

Ancient sea animal with 10 arms is named after Ukraine's president Zelensky.

"Fossil comatulids, referred to as feather stars, are mostly known from highly disarticulated specimens. A single isolated element (centrodorsal) has been the basis for taxonomic description of a vast majority of fossil comatulids. Here, we report a nearly complete, and thus extremely rare, comatulid from the Upper Jurassic (Tithonian) of the Blue Nile Basin in central western Ethiopia that provides a unique insight into the morphology of comatulid arms and cirri. It is assigned to Ausichicrinites zelenskyyi gen. et sp. nov. and is the first Jurassic comatulid from the African continent."

Source: royalsocietypublishing.org