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Fatalism - the stalemate of us vs. COVID-19

Stephen Casper - medical historian at Clarkson University - offers a worrying prediction for COVID for the end of 2022.

The analogy for COVID-19 won't be influenza but 'tuberculosis before the discovery of antibiotics'.

A new hospital specialty might even exist - looking after COVID patients - and they may be planning to build sanatoriums to house them away from other patients and staff.

Instead of either the 'herd immunity' or the 'zero COVID' factions winning there is an awkward stalemate with the virus and its variants. Fatalism would have set in. In years to come hospital careers will be less desirable, working from home will be highly valued, people will die younger in their 70s rather than their 80s, medical advances will be questioned where they reduce immunity, and we will all have known of someone about 50 years old who died of COVID.

I'm more optimistic and, assuming we are black on the chess board, we know that white can't beat us with just a knight and there is hope we will get that pawn to become a queen. Although humans haven't developed sustained immunity to coronaviruses which circulate every year, perhaps there is progress to be made with pan-coronavirus vaccines.

Source: twitter.com