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The unhealthy industry playbook

What Public Health Practitioners Need to Know About Unhealthy IndustryTactics.

Attack legitimate science. e.g. Accuse science of deception, calling it “junk science” or “bad science,” claiming science is manipulated to fulfill a political agenda.

Attack and intimidate the scientists. e.g. Create doubt by attacking the authenticity and integrity of the author.

Create arms-length front organisations. e.g. Create research institutes that can create their own scientific studies.

Manufacture false debate and insist on balance. e.g. Insist that responsible journalists cover both sides of the argument equally.

Frame key issues in highly creative ways. e.g. Constantly repeat that technological advances will obviate the need for regulations and that the problem can be solved only through the marketplace.

Fund industry disinformation campaigns. e.g. Sponsor conferences to challenge scientific consensus.

Influence the political agenda. e.g. Donate to political parties across the political spectrum.

Source: ajph.aphapublications.org