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Over 27,000 students share how colleges and universities could improve digital learning

"A Jisc survey of 27,069 higher and further education students reveals that most are pleased with their digital learning, but areas such as wellbeing, mental health and staff digital skills need more attention."

Get the basics right (like college WiFi)
Make learning sessions more interactive
Record lessons and make them available online
Train and support lecturers to use online tools for learning
Think about pace, shorter bursts and breaks
Create opportunities for discussion
Improve communication (like when and where sessions are going to start)

For those of us involved in the instructional design of digital learning none of these comes as any surprise and are well recognised as being part of best practice. It is encouraging to see those views supported by learners themselves. These are not only applicable to this audience of young adults but also for postgraduate education and lifelong learning in healthcare.

Source: www.jisc.ac.uk

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