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Are you a populist right wing conservative? Have you been hooked recently?

If I wanted to find those who have a "conservative ideology" - so that I could share my views or influence them - I would do the following:

The social psychology of populist right-wing conservatism is well studied.

"Among the various scholars writing on the topic since World War II, Jost found agreement that an inclination to respect tradition in resisting change and to respect hierarchy in sustaining inequality are two key interrelated core conservative ideological characteristics. He found that several psychological motives increase the likelihood that people will manifest these ideological characteristics. These psychological motives include tendencies toward “fear and aggression . . ., dogmatism and intolerance of ambiguity . . ., uncertainty avoidance [including less openness to new experiences] . . ., need for cognitive closure . . ., need for structure . . ., and [support for] group-based dominance.” The desire to keep under tight reins any conditions that evoke uncertainty or fear is the most prominent and overarching of these motives, which often translates into ideologically-based preferences to hold tight to elements of society and political culture identified with traditional authority." https://historynewsnetwork.org/article/175623

That "desire to keep under tight reins any conditions that evoke uncertainty or fear" is perhaps what can be used with the technology scare hoaxes - and has certainly been exploited with the amplification of certain types of news story prior to certain elections and referendums e.g. migrant storm stories, Turkey is joining the EU, and so on.

I have no objection to social conservatism. In fact I can be quite conservative myself. However, there is great uncertainty ahead of us with the replacement of many jobs with AI and robotics, the globalisation of our economy in part because of the degree of technical sophistication required to build new things, and climate change. We've also just added (or rather reminded ourselves about) pandemics. These will lead many of us to feel socially conservative and fearful of change. You're probably already hooked!

Any suggestions for finding and influencing left wing socialist liberals? What hooks could be used? How do you catch snowflakes or the 'woke elite'?

Source: https://historynewsnetwork.org/article/175623

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