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UCL cancer policy update

“Because of the complexity of delivering better cancer care and the dynamics of NHS funding and introducing better practices in the health service there is a strong case for developing new cancer strategies for all the UK nations for the 2020s. Britain could also benefit from leading an independent review of the ways the NHS and other health care systems value and control spending on cancer care. This should seek to ensure not only the affordability of better treatments for health service budget holders but protect wider public interests in ongoing scientific innovation and industrial policy objectives. The ultimate priority ought to be enabling people from every social class to have longer and happier lives.“

This report was picked up by The Times today and Matt Hancock the Health Secretary with the focus being on a part of the role of pharmacies.

“The introduction of technologies such as AI backed risk assessment and diagnostic programmes or blood sample based cancer testing will offer pharmacies new opportunities to contribute to health improvement. Such service extensions could either be funded by the NHS or – should there prove to be sufficient willingness to pay on the part of those who could benefit – directly by the public.”

Source: ucl.ac.uk

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