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‘A seismic shift could be underway’: the mission to make steel green

blog post image If steel were a country, it would be the planet’s third largest emitter. But the race to decarbonise the sector is gaining momentum

Quantum microphone works even better than a regular one

blog post image By detecting tiny movements of particles of light, a quantum microphone has recorded human speech that is easier to understand than if it is captured by an equivalent classical version

Will electric motorbike sales take off across Asia?

blog post image "Soaring petrol prices could speed up the transition to electric much faster than expected." Could electric motorbikes become a thing in the UK? Not so much in hilly Cornwall perhaps but cities maybe. The smaller size of a motorbike battery lends itself to being swappable.

Cycling: TfL to begin issuing fines to drivers in cycle lanes

blog post image New powers will allow TfL to enforce infringements in a similar way to bus lanes.

Mountain gorillas: The ripple effect of conservation

blog post image Justin Rowlatt finds out what gorilla conservation can teach us about protecting other species. 'The secret of this success? Dr Gladys Kalema Zikusoka was the Uganda Wildlife Authority's first vet in 1995, then she set up the charity Conservation Through Public Health. Perhaps surprisingly, she says,...

Strava app flaw revealed runs of Israeli officials at secret bases

blog post image A vulnerability in the fitness app allowed Israeli officials' movements to be tracked, a group says.

Fleeing Russian bombs while battling Facebook. A Meta problem Ukrainian journalists did not need. - Coda Story

blog post image The challenge of local journalism and of censoring during war. "Facebook says it’s fighting disinformation and blocking Russian propaganda. But independent newsrooms in eastern Ukraine say they’re being restricted under the same rules."

Extending the lifecycle of clothes during Covid-19

blog post image Good example of analysing behaviour by barriers and enablers. “Two studies carried out with the Centre for Behaviour Change examined factors affecting the purchase, repair, repurpose and disposal of clothes by people in the UK before and during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Particle physics could be rewritten after shock W boson measurement

blog post image “The standard model of particle physics has stood the test of time for decades, but now a new measurement of a particle called the W boson could indicate a chink in its armour.” The scientists took 10 years to do the analysis as it was so complex! “The analysis was so complex that the result took...

Health impacts of wood burning cost EU and UK €17 billion a year

blog post image Wood-based home appliances are responsible for 63 per cent of the health costs from air pollution related to heating and cooking in homes in the European Union and UK

House passes $35-a-month insulin cap as Dems seek wider bill

blog post image WASHINGTON (AP) — The House on Thursday passed a bill capping the monthly cost of insulin at $35 for insured patients, part of an election-year push by Democrats for price curbs on prescription drugs at a time of rising inflation.

International Women's Day: UTI testing '50 years out of date'

blog post image Areas of women's health have been neglected for too long, says scientist developing rapid test.

Behavioural and social sciences are critical for pandemic prevention, preparedness and response

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The mothers who helped uncover the biggest maternity scandal

blog post image Next month, a report will be published into one of the biggest scandals in the history of the NHS - why were so many failures allowed to happen?

The women who fought against nuclear missiles

blog post image The Greenham Common anti-nuclear protest was the UK's biggest women-led movement since the Suffragettes.

Combat drones: We are in a new era of warfare - here's why

blog post image No longer the preserve of superpowers, drones are now in the hands of insurgents and smaller countries.

Chris Boardman to lead bid to get more people cycling and walking

blog post image The ex-Olympic champion will encourage more people to cycle and walk as head of Active Travel England.

Britishvolt: Electric car battery plant gets government funding

blog post image Britishvolt says the money (£100m) unlocks huge private investment for a protect that will create thousands of jobs. See also Britishvolt.com The figure seems to be half of the proposed Government investment which was anticipated to be £200m - £250m in December.

Access to Medicines - inequalities persist but solutions must be found in partnership

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Fatalism - the stalemate of us vs. COVID-19

blog post image Stephen Casper - medical historian at Clarkson University - offers a worrying prediction for COVID for the end of 2022. The analogy for COVID-19 won't be influenza but 'tuberculosis before the discovery of antibiotics'. A new hospital specialty might even exist - looking after COVID patients - and they...